In “Judas Collar” The Audience Is Brought Into The Brutal World Of Camel Culling

When you hear the phrase “Academy Awards 2020 long-listed live-action short film”, you probably don’t immediately imagine a film staring camels. But “Judas Collar” is both a gripping story and a scathing commentary of a horrific, real-life practice used to cull camels.

“In outback Australia, a wild camel is captured and fitted with a tracking device known as a Judas Collar,” the description explains.”Based on a real-life practice, Judas Collar is a scripted, non-dialogue, live-action short that explores the story of a camel used to betray her kind.”

With more and more eyes finally focused on the planet’s incredible wildlife and animal populations, using a scripted short film is a unique but incredibly effective way of shining a light on unethical behavior.

You can see the whole short here:


“I think generally people didn’t know that these collars were being used in Australia and find the idea of them pretty cruel and unethical,” writer and director Alison James explained. “And I think some people connect with the more universal themes of loneliness and the human desire for connection – the need to be part of a community. I think we especially connect to stories about animals because we tend to project our own human emotions onto their stories – we feel it for them.”

It’s a moving story that, through animals, touches on some very human themes — but it’s also a film meant to create change. It’s clear that raising awareness is at the heart of this project.