LUME Delivers Etheral Glory With This Mahogany Session

Falling somewhere between alt-pop and R&B, LUME is creating a hypnotic, ethereal sound — and nowhere is that showcased better than in this Mahogany Session. Here, performing “Live With It”, you get an intimate, at times gloriously painful, look at the artist through a song that is both a healing balm and a mantra.

“This mantra keeps repeating in the song, with double choruses desperately repeating, ‘need to live with it’,” LUME explained. “Even though the track has dark threads to it, it’s more about the need for forgiveness in a relationship and overcoming doubts in ourselves, so that we can learn to trust in others.”

As we’ve come to expect from Mahogany Sessions, the visuals are breathtaking — featuring a dark, somber room with doors open to reveal a slice of a stunning vista beyond. It fits perfectly with the hypnotic, cascading feel of the song.

You can see the whole performance here:



Discovering new artists is always a joy — but one of with this much poise and this strong of a point of view is a truly special experience. Mahogany Sessions has a gift for unearthing new talent and LUME is definitely one to watch.