In “Future Perfect” Humanity Is Reimagined With Humor And Insight

If aliens were trying to rebuild humanity from the scraps left behind, what would the future look like? It may sound like a deeply serious sci-fi plot, but “Future Perfect” puts a hilarious spin on this thought experiment.

“Narrated by Julian Barratt, Future Perfect follows a child’s drawing of their parents as it is placed in a time capsule until the earth dries to a husk,” the description explains. “It’s then found by aliens who use the drawing as the blueprint for a twisted new version of humanity.”

For anyone who has even built a time capsule or pulled at the edges of what it means to be human, this short delivers a great story told with a wry smile. With innovative production and camera work, it manages to pack a lot of content and heart into such a short time.

You can see the whole film here:

“Future Perfect” may have its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, but the surreal and slightly twisted edge reveals a lot of compassion and wisdom. As a light-hearted short that still sends a strong message, they’ve managed to tick all of the boxes.