SS Panzer Division Reich Rove In Haarlem During The Invasion Of The Netherlands

There is something so menacing about this photo, taken in Haarlem. At first, all you see is the anger and determination of the German SS soldiers of the motorized SS Panzer Division Reich patrolling on motorcycles, but the more you look and see the buildings in the background — the flickers of pre-war life — you find that the juxtaposition makes it even harder to take.

Here you can see motorcycles and a Wanderer W-11 car drive down Amsterdamvaart street in Haarlem during the German invasion of the Netherlands. The moment captured was toward the beginning of the Battle of the Netherlands, which lasted from 10 May 1940 until the surrender on 15 May 1940.




North Holland, the Netherlands.

May 1940.

Credit: Anti-Worlds