With Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, “The Good Liar” Is Poised For Success

When it comes to casts, it’s difficult to beat The Good Liar, set to debut in the middle of November. Starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen — with genius support from Russell Tovey — the film starts with an older couple who meet online, but quickly transforms from rom-com to thriller. Right from the start, it was a gripping story that these iconic actors were drawn in by.

“It was a combination of my costar Ian McKellen and of course the director, Bill Condon,” Mirren told EW. “It’s a very interesting script, a wonderful, twisty thriller that I thought would be fun to do. It’s nice to do a film about old people that’s not about Alzheimer’s or cancer, if you know what I mean.”

This is certainly a twisty thriller. What seems like a simple con-man flick quickly unravels and contorts into something so much more. You can see the whole trailer here:



There are very few actors who truly embody the living legend status, but Mirren and McKellen undoubtedly fit the bill. Although they’ve appeared on stage together, this is the first time they’ve co-starred in a film — luckily, it promises to be worth the wait.