“Kate In Oxnard” Is Nuanced And Accomplished

It’s unsurprising that in the wake of the #MeTooMovement, there has finally been a — long overdue — rush of movies and art exploring this area of many women’s experience. While we’ve seen many different takes and stories and hope to see many more, Kate in Oxnard is a compelling, subtle short that shows a woman moving for a fresh start, not realizing what she’ll find.

“I think this film is a cautionary tale about an experience many women can relate to, and I wanted to explore the subtleties of a situation that is not predatory, nor romantic, but could be either and might be both,” writer and director Emily Tomson explains. “Most importantly, I think this story is about part of what it means to be a woman in the world, how our sense of trust and security is often threatened, and what that means for who we become.”

You can see the whole short here:

Kate in Oxnard from Emily Tomson on Vimeo.

For many, the threatening, often nebulous sensation that something is off will seem familiar — but for others, this film is both entertainment and education. It’s important to finally see stories like this being told and this is a particularly skillful example.