Dark, Witty, And Piercing — “Father Figurine” Is A Triumph

If you’re still reeling from the Succession season 2 finale — and you probably are — this impressive short film might just fill that 1% gap in your life. “Father Figurine” shares the show’s obsession with the super-wealthy, its deliciously dark humour, and its look at insular familiar relations — but does so in a totally different way. Here, you see the family struggling to move past the death of a patriarch.

“His unusual dying request prevents them from moving on, as his appetite for control reaches out beyond the grave,” Vimeo explains. “It may or may not have been loosely inspired by a very (in)famous American family, but independent of politics, Kazman, under the disguise of dark comedy, delivers a story that is thoughtful about grief, and the perverting nature of power amongst the upper crust.”

Every frame and detail magnifies and multiples the grandeur of the family and the project. Together, it’s a truly stunning and perfectly wry short.

You can see the entire short film:

FATHER FIGURINE from Matt Kazman on Vimeo.


“Father Figurine” does an astounding job at both courting our obsession with the 1% while, at the same time, brutally scouring it. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.