Explore A New Universe Through An Ant’s Eyes In “OVERRUN”

If I told you that you were going to spend seven minutes in the mind of an ant, you would not be expecting anything like the thrill ride you get in “OVERRUN”. But this film’s singular point of view defies expectations.

“Plunging into a dark place, an ant falls to the ground with a rude shock,” the description explains. “We follow this ant’s journey through a disturbing and dangerous, yet fascinating world, and its quest to find a way out…”

It’s almost tempting to call it sci-fi, and it certainly has ties to that genre. But the ant’s journey is far too real — and the plot far too grounded in reality — to fall into that category. This film has an overwhelming number of accolades, for very good reason. The visuals are stunning, the premise is unique, and the twist at the end is a total sucker punch that you never see coming.

You can see the whole short here:


It’s incredible seeing how much some short films can pack in — and “OVERRUN” certainly proves that. Technical prowess, imagination, and an eye for a story give the audience a ride like never before.