The Teskey Brothers Give A Glorious Performance Of “Paint My Heart”

What a live performance. While many live videos are intimate, pared-back portraits of an artist, occasionally it’s nice to see a live video that simply rocks. And this performance of “Paint My Heart” by the Teskey Brothers is a joyful, roaring, seven and a half minute ride.

This group has worked for years and years to make it in the industry, but they show just what can happen if you commit to putting the music first — no matter what.

“Just keep at it and don’t give up,” they told Music, Musings, & Such. “Don’t change what you’re doing or how you’re sounding just because of trends. If you love the sort of sounds and music you are making then stick to your guns and just keep working hard. It took us ten years to hone our sound down to something we liked and I think we needed that time! There’s no rush!”

You can see the whole performance here:

While so many artists focus on overnight stardom, The Teskey Brothers have been content to wait it out and focus on their craft — honing it to perfection while staying committed to the integrity of their work. But as this performance shows, they’ve definitely arrived.