How “Buffalo Soldiers” And Segregation Ran Well Into The 20th Century

Many of us forget that racial segregation ran so deep that it was even enforced on those fighting for their country. In this photo, you can see soldiers of the racially segregated Troop “C”, 10th Cavalry Regiment — one of the “Buffalo Soldiers” regiments.

Here they are working on setting up a light machine gun during military maneuvers at Camp Chaffee and in the frame, you can see Gunner Pfc. Urel Ellis, of Ozan, Arkansas, Pvt. Elliot Brown of Leavenworth, Kansas, and Pvt. Warren Anderson of Stephens, Arkansas.

Although the “Buffalo Soldiers” regiments were originally formed in 1866, after the Civil War, these segregated regiments continued to participate in many conflicts through the 19th and 20th centuries, including both World Wars. Though they played an imperative role in the country’s military history, the prejudice and racism they faced meant that they stayed segregated for decades.

Buffalo Soldiers

Camp Chaffee, near Thebes, Arkansas, USA.

27 August 1941.

Credit: Anti-Worlds