Help Refugees Is Running An Urgent Campaign For Donations

With huge numbers of refugees arriving on the Greek islands and a lack of governmental support, Help Refugees is trying to fill the gap — and needs your support and donations urgently. The situation continues to worsen, while the world’s attention is consumed by Trump and Brexit, but we can’t forget those being affected by one of the biggest crises of our time.

“On Sunday night a fire broke out in the largest refugee camp in Europe which is on the island of Lesvos, killing 2 children and a woman,” Help Refugees explains. “Flames swept through tightly packed containers in a camp that is 300% over its intended capacity. Despite facing dangers like this on arrival, refugees continue to arrive in Greece in record numbers. In the last month, as many refugees arrived as at the height of the refugee crisis in the summer of 2015, fleeing war, persecution, and climate change.”

Help Refugees

Despite the severity of the crisis, many people aren’t aware that the struggle in Greece is still so devastating. While at one point the refugee crisis was in the headlines, many have since forgotten the horrific conditions that men, women, and children are facing.

“The media agenda has moved on, with a crowded national agenda and all the focus on Brexit,” Help Refugees tells What We Seee. “But there are over 90,000 refugees living in Greece mostly in and around overcrowded, unsanitary camps. Babies are living in tents, children are missing years of their education and of their childhood and it’s the local grassroots organisations who are ensuring that people have nappies, search and rescue services, nutritious food, medical care, day centres where people can charge their phones, go to language lessons, and access the internet to stay in touch with family and loved ones and so many more of the things we take for granted.”

The campaign is doing crucial work, including supporting a rescue boat, providing tents, sleeping bags, and nappies, and helping the most vulnerable people get vital nutrition.

Their current fundraising target of £20,000 will help them provide these basic necessities for those who desperately need them. Please take the time to donate — any amount can make a huge difference — and spread the word about the campaign. In addition to donating, there are other important steps you can take to help.

“Follow Help Refugees on social media channels — we are often asking for volunteers, sharing advocacy asks, providing the sort of updates and information that you can’t find on many of the traditional news platforms,” they explain. “Also write to your local MP — you can send a letter or an email. It’s important to consistently let our elected representatives know that their constituents care about refugees and displaced people. That they would like to see us do more to welcome people fleeing conflict, persecution and climate change. People can sometimes underestimate quite how powerful this action can be.”

Help Refugees

To find more about the campaign, please visit the donation page and follow them on Twitter.