Liam Neeson And Lesley Manville Find The Extraordinary In Ordinary Love

While Liam Neeson may have become synonymous with some very popular action movies, this incredibly talented actor has so much more in his repertoire. In his new drama, Ordinary Love, Neeson and Lesley Manville lead a small cast of tremendous performers.

Directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn (Cherrybomb and Good Vibrations), this heartbreaking film features a couple facing a devastating cancer diagnosis. Written by the Northern Irish playwright Owen McCafferty, the film has a raw and intimate feel that draws you into the most private moments in a relationship.

What’s astounding about this film is that it revels in exploring the minutia of a relationship. With an insular couple whose lives have come more and more to revolve around each other, even the slightest ripple can be felt acutely. When a life-changing cancer diagnosis comes, it’s seismic.

A look at love, intimacy, dependency, and more, it’s a hugely relatable study of the tiny — sometimes microscopic — ways relationships manifest. At times, you feel almost too close and too invasive as an audience member peering in — but that’s all a part of this film’s magic.

You can see the whole trailer here:

The movie bills itself as an extraordinary look at an ordinary love —  and it delivers just that. By unearthing the remarkable in the every day, the power of catharsis is limitless.