A Short Film that Is the Perfect Lo-Fi Sci-Fi

Sci-fi normally means special effects and out-of-this-world visuals, but “Rust In Peace” is a very different kind of sci-fi film. This short is what might be described as lo-fi sci-fi — and it is a total delight.

Written and directed by Will Welles, “Rust In Peace” tackles the nuts and bolts of a classic dysfunctional relationship — just, in this case, it’s between a robot and its creator.

“The heart of the film is a breakup story”, Welles told Vimeo’s Short of the Week. “The kind of breakup where you have a big fight, think it’s over, then the next day your partner is in the kitchen making eggs like nothing is wrong. You’re dumb founded but too exhausted to get into again, plus even though you had to end it, you already miss them. I wanted to take that every human thing and bring it into a sci-fi world.”

You can see the whole film here:

“Rust In Peace” is such a lovely mash-up of futurism and heart, with a deeply creative core. Welles is working on a feature-length film, “Rustlands”, based on the same premise — and we’ll be watching for it.