The Bulgarian Fatherland Front Enters Sofia

There is so much joy in this photo, as you see the Bulgarian Fatherland Front — part of the resistance movement — entering Sofia.

Bulgaria had a complicated role in the war. At first, they declared themselves neutral but then later, under German pressure, joined the Axis Bloc. But a strong resistance movement, known as the Fatherland Front, formed in 1942.

When the government fell and was replaced, the Front withheld support because they feared the new government still had Axis-leanings. After Soviet occupation, a new government of the Fatherland Front was appointed with Kimon Georgiev as prime minister. Finally, with the new government in place, the Bulgarians joined the Allies in the war against the Axis powers.

As you see men and women erupt in celebration, it’s clear what a pivotal moment this is for the resistance fighters who had been pushing for so long.


Bulgarian Fatherland Front


Sofia, Bulgaria.

September 1944.  

Credit: Anti-Worlds