Oh Wonder Took One Perfect Shot For “Hallelujah”

When Oh Wonder dropped their first new single in two years, “Hallelujah”, fans were ecstatic. But nobody knew they should be expecting such big things from their music video.

The song is an uplifting anthem of self-assurance — and the video is a giddy celebration, all taken in one seamless shot.

“The concept was dreamed up by the amazing Gregory Ohrel; when we read the script we were like, ‘Hell yeah we wanna crowd surf on people for 3 minutes!’ We hope that the video emits hope, cleansing, euphoria, power… all the themes of the song ‘Hallelujah’,” they explain. “We trained really hard for the video, and had days of rehearsals – being carried by loads of people is the biggest ab workout ever! And trying to hold yourself up whilst singing and looking comfortable and happy (after a 12 hour day of shooting the same thing on loop trying to get a perfect take) was such a feat.”

But it’s a feat they managed to pull off. You can see the whole video here:

A one-take video is daunting enough — but when you add elements like group crowd surfing and choreography, it’s a totally new challenge. But the success and joy of the video capture the heart of the song — and allows us to all take part in their celebrations and affirmations.