Three Young Boys Stand Barefoot At Camp De Rivesaltes

With their bare feet and ripped clothes, you can only get hints of the life that these three young Roma boys were living. Interned at Camp de Rivesaltes (also known as Camp Maréchal Joffre) in France, they would have been just a few of so many Romas, Jews, Spanish Republican refugees, and others who were held in transit to concentration camps.

The camp was originally built as a French military camp, which later became a base and then a refugee hub for those fleeing Franco — but after occupation and the installment of the Vichy government, it was turned into an internment and transit camp. It was one that saw so many lives pass through and seeing boys this young really drives home the horror and tragedy.

Camp de Rivesaltes

Near Perpignan, Pyrénées-Orientales, France.

ca. Spring-Autumn, 1941-1942.

Credit: Anti-Worlds