Peggy Oki Takes Her Surfing Lessons Into Life

Few people know the power of flow like Peggy Oki does. The surfer, skater, artist, and activist has had an incredible life — and picked up some fairly profound lessons around the way. In this TED Talk, she shares how her unusual life story shaped her point of view.

From being the only female member of the famous Zephyr Skateboard team from the documentary ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’ to founding the Origami Whales Project to raise awareness about commercial whaling, she’s found a path through purpose and passion.

“With an appreciation of flow and motion Peggy’s life has been always been driven by passion,” the description explains. “From surfing and skateboarding to the intimate appreciation of what she calls the ‘Cetacean Nation’. Discovering the transformative force of participation artwork through her Origami Whales project was the first step to realising that passion could be harnessed, amplified and ultimately inspire for a deeper purpose.”

You can see her whole talk here:

Few of us will have the moments of inspiration that come from a huge whale appearing mere meters away from us — but the lessons that Peggy Oki preaches are universal. Through allowing things to unfold, a higher purpose can become clear — if you let it.