Carrying A Wounded POW Near Mawlu

It’s a disturbing picture, but an honest one — so much of war is difficult to see up close. Here you can see British Army soldiers of the 36th Infantry Division as they carry a wounded Japanese POW near Mawlu.

It takes many men to carry him along a railway track and one man tries to give him a drink of water. They’re on their way to a dressing station. They would have been forced to move because of the advance on Japanese positions in Mawlu during the Burma Campaign. The horrors of war are often so severe they become intangible, difficult to imagine. But photos like this — the looks on the men’s faces, the pain and the flatness — they make the experience so much more real.



Near Mawlu, Sagaing Region, Burma (Mynamar).

November 1944.

Credit: Anti-Worlds