“Rachel” Is A Short Film That Takes You On A Twisted Journey

Comedy thriller might not yet be a genre — but “Rachel” manages to straddle the two with ease. This short film from John Early and Kate Berlant, directed by Andrew DeYoung, is hilarious, witty, and incredibly creepy. Oh — and it’s based on a true story, which somehow makes the whole thing a little more twisted.

It’s a niche film, but a fascinating one. The 11-minute video won the Staff Pick for Vimeo’s Video of The Month — for good reason. It’s an infectious story, so much so that Berlant, who stars in the film, was desperate to be involved.

“I just immediately was like, ‘I have to play her. That’s my dream role.’ Absolutely desperate to play her,” she explained. “And because I wasn’t there, I could do my own interpretation of Rachel. The process of shooting was so fun. We were just like, ‘We’ll buy lots of nice wine and a cake and order food and just hang out.’ Everybody did it as a favor. It was a long shoot.”

This is definitely one of those films where it’s best to let it speak for itself — so you can watch the creepiness unfold. You can see the whole video here:

Rachel from Andrew DeYoung on Vimeo.

Comedy thriller isn’t a genre we see a lot of, but “Rachel” has made it a very intriguing prospect indeed.