Jim Prior Sits Down With WWS Founder On This Upstream Livestream

Why is the content we consume so important? And how can you consume more mindfully? In this special edition of Upstream Livestream, Jim Prior talks about creativity, consumption, and more with What We Seee founder, Misan Harriman.

The Upstream Livestream video series features Jim Prior speaking with senior executives from a range of different backgrounds and specialties — all with a common drive for creativity. Looking at how creativity can drive business — and how to keep your authenticity — the pair explore the power and dangers of creating content for your brand.

“Brands have to find a way to hold your attention and have their DNA be seen by the consumer in a way maybe they have not in the past,” Harriman explains.

And with a thriving series of internet platforms, Harriman’s focus is on taking away the white noise of the internet and letting true pieces of creativity shine.

Talking about the balance between curated and new content — and the importance of telling a brand’s story rather than just fighting for eyeballs — the video dives deep into what happens when creativity, authenticity, business, and the internet combine.

You can see the entire interview here:


Jim Prior knows how brands are trying to harness the power of the internet, but Harriman understands that compelling stories told with authenticity are the only way forward. If only more brands would take notice.