Soldiers Help Civilians Flee The Advancing Imperial Japanese Army

Even in this black and white photo, the sense of chaos and frenetic energy is apparent. Here you can see Chinese soldiers help civilians evacuate Liuchow (Liuzhou). With the Imperial Japanese Army approaching, it was crucial to get civilians out as soon as possible.

The city was the site of Liuchow Airfield used by Nationalist Chinese and United States Army Air Forces. It was captured by the Japanese on 7 November 1944 during the Battle of Guilin, until it was eventually retaken by Chinese Nationalist forces on 30 June 1945.

The city was the final part of Battle of Henan-Hunan-Guangxi, which went under the name Operation Ichigo. The Japanese forces were trying to connect Japanese-controlled areas with strategic advancements and to destroy any airfields that held United States Army Air Forces aircrafts.

 Imperial Japanese Army

Liuchow (Liuzhou), Guangxi, Republic of China (now, People’s Republic of China).

November 1944.

Credit: Anti-Worlds