How Korean Beauty Vlogger Dawn Lee Changed The Conversation

Beauty vloggers are known for sharing their tips and tricks on the most superficial of topics — but Dawn Lee is giving so much more than the usual skin-deep insight.

“South Korean beauty vlogger Dawn Lee was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, in February,” this video explains. “The 29-year-old has been sharing her experience of chemotherapy on YouTube, with one video attracting almost four million views. She told the BBC she was worried at first about sharing content that was not ‘pretty’, but hoped her videos would help others in a similar situation.”

Though she initially thought of ways to try and hide her cancer diagnosis from her 600,000 viewers, her honesty and candor have not only been praised — they’ve really resonated with fans and others battling the disease.

You can see the entire interview here:

It takes a lot of courage to share the darkest moments of your life — especially when you’re job involves making things as pretty and palatable as possible. But one of the most inspiring parts of this story is not just that her viewers responded so well, it’s that they became a support network for her. When we share the most honest parts of ourselves, that’s when real connections have a chance to form — and everyone benefits.