An Abandoned Japanese Submarine Base On Kiska Island

The sheer scale of this photo is a lot to take in — and without being told, many civilians might not be able to identify exactly what they’re looking at. Here you can see American and Canadian soldiers with an abandoned Japanese midget submarine base. The photograph was taken on Kiska Island after the Allied victory of the Aleutian Islands Campaign.

In 1942, a small Japanese force occupied the Alaskan islands of Attu and Kiska — an area that was so remote and rugged, it was difficult for the U.S. to reclaim. In fact, the Japanese held it for nearly a year, which marked the first time since 1812 that enemy soldiers occupied American land.

On 15 August 1943, an invasion force landed but found that the Japanese had abandoned the island the month before. Here, soldiers look at a submarine left behind.

Japanese Submarine

Kiska Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska Territory (now, the State of Alaska),

U.S.A. August 1943.

Credit: Anti-Worlds