Backstory Is An Emotional Wonder

What makes you who you are? That’s exactly what Backstory, a totally unique short film, aims to unpack. Written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks, the film explores an entire lifespan, boiled down to seven minutes. 

The Berlin-based director plays with point of view to a truly extraordinary effect. The film was an official selection of the 2017 New York City Independent Film Festival and 2017 Best Super Short Film winner, as well as a Vimeo Short of the Week — and for good reason. 

Both a love story and a meditation on the nature of growth and mortality, Backstory has an incredible way of exploring both the momentum of life that can run away from you — and those pivotal moments that change your life forever. At once engaging and unsettling, it’s a total must-see.

You can watch the entire short film here:


There’s no way to break down and identify all of the facets of who we are — but this film is an important reminder to stop and take stock, where you can. Both a warning and guide, it uses a totally fresh directorial style to deliver an important message that will stay with you long after viewing.