Obi Franky Performs A Laid Back Cover Of Passionfruit

Where did she come from? Obi Franky, also known as Obenewa, is a force to be recognized — and she just seems to have burst on to the scene. This London-born, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter has been touring around the world making music and collaborating, but now she’s making an appearance all her own.

And it’s quite the debut. With an EP due to be released later this year, this amazing cover of Drake’s “Passionfruit” just landed. With nothing but her voice, a guitar — and a heap of talent and charisma — she brings this hit to life with a feeling that’s all her own. The shoot is minimal but warm, qualities reflected in her voice, and you feel like you’re getting an intimate look at a budding talent.

You can see the whole performance here:

Obi Franky might be a relatively new name on the music scene, but it’s one that you’re going to want to remember. Assured, relaxed, and hugely talented, she’s not afraid to take on a fan favorite and put a unique stamp on it. If this is what we’ve heard so far, her EP is sure to be pure talent.