Talk about raw, unbridled talent. The Shoshana Bean Dressing Room Sessions have been a delightful, talent-packed YouTube series, featuring singers at their most relaxed and laid-back. But the final episode with Sara Bareilles is something truly special.

“For the final episode of my Dressing Room Sessions from my dressing room at Waitress, I had to call in the queen! The boss lady! The one and only… Sara Bareilles!” Bean explained.

Sara Bareilles is, of course, an astonishing singer-songwriter in her own right and one of the creative powerhouses behind Waitress. Seeing the star and the source singing together is incredible. And the song choice, “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” — made famous in Dirty Dancing — is an apt choice indeed.

You can see the whole performance here:

With talents like these, it’s clear that these two could have done anything with this song — their vocals are truly limitless. But instead of trying too hard or stretching for the sake of it, they have fun — they play, they enjoy each other’s range and control. It’s the perfect backstage performance, an effortless mix of power and joy.

If you’re a fan of this video, it’s worth checking out the whole series, as Shoshana Bean is just a delight.