Morgan’s Wonderland Is The World’s First Wheelchair Waterpark

What a lesson in things that we take for granted. Morgan’s Wonderland is a special needs park and probably the world’s first wheelchair waterpark. This idea is something so inspirational, but also so, so obvious — it’s incredible that it hasn’t been done before.

As a heatwave grips Europe — and as America begins to bounce back from one — so many of us know how important summer’s little pleasures are. Opportunities to cool down, play, and feel totally unencumbered is a huge part of the summer experience — and often waterparks are the home of that. It easy to forget that, for so many, these parks would be completely inaccessible.

Every child deserves the right to splash and play — and when you see the sheer joy that these children are experiencing, it’s easy to see how vital it is. You can see the whole video here:

There are so many different ways to help give autonomy and independence — but a special needs and wheelchair waterpark is one of the happiest, most joyous ones I’ve seen. It’s so easy to take those childhood pleasures and summer treats for granted, but Morgan’s Wonderland is making that a reality for everyone. The look of unadulterated happiness is all you need to see.