Virginia Roberts Shares Her Story As A Victim Of Jeffrey Epstein

The crimes of Jeffrey Epstein have been all over the headlines as, finally, attention is paid his wide-ranging abuse. Already a convicted sex offender, Epstein was arrested in New York on federal charges of sex trafficking involving underage victims earlier this month. Since the arrest, more victims have come forward and the full scope of the damage he has done is still being uncovered.

In this video, the Miami Herald gives insight into how young girls were groomed for Epstein. Virginia Roberts has been brave enough to come forward and share her story.

“Virginia Roberts was working at Mar-a-Lago when she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell to be a masseuse to Palm Beach hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein,” the video explains. “She says she was groomed for sex with him and his associates, attorney Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew.”

You can see the whole video here:

Jeffrey Epstein was a man whose power and wealth allowed him to commit horrific crimes and abuses in plain sight — even being enabled by those around him. Though it’s so important to his victims that he pays for his crimes and their stories are heard, it’s a stark reminder that in a world full of inequality and misogyny, we need to protect women against the Jeffrey Epsteins of the world.