Manny Walters Is Utterly Unique In This Sofar Sounds Performance

Sofar Sounds always delivers an incredible, bespoke music experience. Taking amazing performers and letting them transform everyday spaces, they’re a totally innovative way to hear music. This performance from Manny Walters is a perfect example of that.

A charismatic musician with outstanding vocals, Walters has an unusual, completely authentic sound. It’s one that he’s cultivated through a range of influence and a lifetime love of music.

“My lyrical writings are always reflections on life areas and what I think I’ve worked out about it,” Walters told SA Music Scene. “Some commentaries about my upbringing and background, family friends, love and life. Singing is a great emotive platform for me, sometimes understated, sometimes powerful, sometimes just enjoyable and on the cool. Musically our band has many different  influences, so we try to melt that into our very own brand of neo-soul folk music.”

You can see the whole performance here:

Manny Walters is clearly an outstanding performer — and one of the lovely things about Sofar Sounds is that you can see just how much the audience is enjoying it. The use of unusual and experimental performance spaces creates an intimacy like no other, where the music is really the star of the show.