Julia Gaskill Gives An Intense, Emotive Performance

This is such a wrenching performance. While many people think of poetry as resigned to books or quiet, revered readings, Julia Gaskill shows this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Performing at night under street lamps, “Aneurysm” is a brutally intimate poem about her mother’s death. From how her mother died to knowing she has a genetic disposition to die the same way, “Aneurysm” lays bare how this affects her mental health, relationships, and perspective on living. Not only is the language punchy and raw, Gaskill’s performance is so electric that it’s almost impossible to look away.

Part of the Write About Now poetry slam, you can see the entire performance here:

Far too few people get involved in poetry, because it’s often thought of as inaccessible or opaque. Luckily, a whole generation of poets is opening up the art form and showing that its short, sharp ability to evoke deep emotional responses is incredibly powerful.

Performances like this one from Julia Gaskill show just how effective this can be. She is still a relative newcomer on the poetry scene, but it’s clear that she’s both a talented poet and a captivating performer — one whose career is just beginning.