A Surreal Scene From The Battle Of Berlin

There is so much happening in this photo. In the foreground, you can see two Soviet Army soldiers as they stop to use a field telephone during the Battle of Berlin. They look surprisingly composed, especially when you notice in the background buildings are erupting into flames. This photo was taken in April, at least a month before the end of the fighting.

Although there was a technical surrender on 2 May 1945, fighting continued in many areas of the city for nearly a week. German units insisted on fighting westward so that they could surrender to the Western Allies rather than to the Soviets, despite the agreement to surrender. Seeing the level of destruction in this photo, it’s hard to imagine what the city would look like after another month of intense fighting.

The Battle of Berlin saw a huge loss of life, with almost 100,000 dying on each side and hundreds of thousands wounded. Its most famous death, however, has to be Adolph Hitler — who committed suicide on April 30. This was obviously a huge turning point, with many of his officials committing suicide soon after.

Battle of Berlin

Berlin, Germany.

April 1945. 

Credit: Anti-Worlds