The FightClub App Empowers Through Boxing

There’s no denying that boxing is a sport of strength and power — but it can also feel like an intimidating world from the outside. The new FightClub app aims to give that sense of power and empowerment, right at home. The idea behind the app is simple — drills, exercises, and training to make you feel strong and secure fast.

“FightClub is an app that allows beginners to restore health to their mind and body while simultaneously learning self-defense through metabolic bodyweight HIIT exercises, boxing, and Muay Thai drills,” the FightClub team explains. “All FightClub exercises can be used anywhere at any time without equipment or a gym. FightClub employs a team of legendary and professional MMA fighters and boxers who guide you through daily exercises and drills that are scientifically proven to jumpstart your metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle, restore stamina and libido, heal back pain, and teach beginners effective self-defense techniques in 4 weeks or less.”

The app brings together the skills of Ariel (Tarzan) Sexton, 2nd-degree black belt, Pro-MMA fighter, and ONE championship finalist, Leslie Harriman, former Long Island amateur boxing champion, former NYAC-sponsored fighter, and NY Daily News Golden Glove semi-finalist, and Natasha Nikolaeva, founder of the StretchIt app and stretching expert. It’s a team dedicated to bringing the confidence, security, and passion that comes from boxing right into the palm of your hand. 

Fight Club

Without a gym, without equipment, and using nothing more than just your phone and your commitment, this app wants to keep things as simple as possible. No matter who you are, the company is sure you can benefit from the FightClub experience.

The more you train, the more opportunities you will have to unlock new techniques that are added to your library and the more avatars you will have access to. The app also comes with incredible analytics to track your body’s transformation and rank your progress against other FightClub members.

“FightClub can help teenagers and children who face bullying or are in need of after school activities, armed forces and law enforcement candidates or officers, as well as those suffering from high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, insomnia, and other health issues,” the company explains. “All war veterans can use the app free of charge.” 

Not everyone has the money or the time for training in a gym — and apps have given the general public an amazing opportunity to receive quality, bespoke training in their own home. If you’ve ever wanted to step in the ring or just feel stronger and more confident, FightClub wants to help you get there.

You can find out more and download the app on iTunes