The Harrowing Truth Of Accidentally Shooting Someone You Love

It’s almost impossible to imagine what it would be like — the burden of living with accidentally shooting someone close to you. But this man lives with that burden every single day.

“Sean was 10 years old when he found a gun in the house and thought it was a toy,” the video explains. “The weapon accidentally went off and a stray bullet pierced the heart of his younger sister, Erin. Thirty years on, Sean and his mother reflect on how those few tragic seconds changed the course of their lives.”

From his horrific memory of his sister dying in his lap to the way it stays with you even decades on, this video is brutally candid. The way people’s sympathies wear away, the difficulty of feeling — and spreading — the guilt, and the self-destructive behavior that haunted him are all describing in painful detail.

It’s amazing to hear this man speak about his experience and how he started to, finally, find peace. You can see the whole video here:

Accidentally shooting someone you care about is a nightmare for anyone — doing so as a child and killing your sister seems like it could be too much to bear. Listening to someone open up about their experience is an incredible insight — and an important warning.