Wuilly Arteaga And His Violin Have Been On The Frontlines Of The Resistance

A violin might be an unexpected weapon of the resistance, but Wuilly Arteaga has made headlines around the world for his incredible music — and bravery. Arteaga has been on the frontlines in Venezuela with his instrument in hand, serving as a symbol of the opposition to President Nicolás Maduro’s authoritarian government. Despite every setback, he has persisted. 

“During a demonstration… in eastern Caracas, as Arteaga played a song called ‘Soul of the Plains,’ Maduro’s national guard swooped down on him,” the Washington Post reports. “His story provides a window on the tactics of a government that has allegedly used intimidation, torture, and propaganda to cement its power.” 

“Imprisoning him was the government’s way of trampling the opposition and punching its dignity, of showing that they’re willing to detain and torture one of its most emblematic symbols of peaceful resistance,” Alfredo Romero, executive director of the legal activist group Penal Forum and Arteaga’s attorney said. 

You can see behind his incredible story and why he’s inspired an entire nation here:


There are so many different forms of civil disobedience and resistance — and people have to use the skills and tools they have. But if you’ve ever questioned the power of music, the story of Wuilly Arteaga should serve as an inspiration to us all. He is currently in the US seeking political asylum, according to MSN