The Classic Hovis Advert Remastered For The Modern Age

How can something as simple as a bread advert hold so much history? Part of the BFI Player’s Commercial Break collection, the Hovis “Boy on a Bike” advert was an instant classic that kept its hold on the public consciousness — and now it’s back.

Taking the raw footage and updating the narration, the BFI has kept all of the charm of the original and preserved it for future generations.

“Old Ma Peggoty’s house at the top of the hill in a fictional ‘Northern’ (actually South-Western) town is the last delivery in Ridley Scott’s ‘Boy on a Bike’, voted one of Britain’s best-loved adverts ever,” the description explains. “Freewheeling down the cobbles of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, our young hero rides into the sunset in what is one of the most iconic moments in TV advertising history. There’s wheatgerm in that there bread – but also a claim that falls foul of today’s advertising standards, so the 2019 reboot had to re-record the narration. This restored version preserves the original in all its glory.”

You can see behind the restoration here:

Classic film moments — even in adverts — are at the heart of British culture and the BFI is doing astounding work to make sure that they remain accessible for generations to come.