The CFV II 50C Blends History And Technology

If photography is about capturing the present, preserving history, and bearing witness, then the CFV II 50C is a camera that was built with its mission in mind. This new offering from Hasselblad competes with the best Fujifilm peers and adds its own unique feel.

“The CFV II and 907X connect Hasselblad’s photographic history into one system,” the video explains. “These new offerings yet again expand the potential of medium format photography with modularity and flexibility, all while offering Hasselblad’s renowned, stunning image quality.”

Beyond its incredible specs, its impressive output, and its ease of use, there’s one thing that you can’t ignore — it’s just beautiful.

“The first thing is the build quality, which is simply stunning — it’s a true return to form for Hasselblad when it comes to the build and design,” Peta Pixel explains. “The solid metal construction and leatherette finish are very reminiscent of the classic Hasselblad cameras. Simply put, this camera is astoundingly beautiful, and Hasselblad has used its design as a means to differentiate themselves in the market.”

To get a sense of the CFV II 50C, you can see its introduction onto the market place here:

With all of the digital innovation, Hasselblad has made sure to not leave its history behind — and that’s what sets these cameras apart.