“The World Piece” Is A Bold Message About Togetherness

What is the strongest way to connect people? “The World Piece”, an art project from travel site momondo, tackles this question in a profound way. A group of over 60 strangers from all over the world were made into a living, breathing sign of togetherness.

Momondo brand started back in 2006 so people could travel and meet each other based on the idea that travelling provides value and that when we travel it makes the world a better place,” the company explains. “The World Piece came about from a big report called the Value of Traveling report we did a couple years ago. The report showed that the world is going in the wrong direction, so we need to do something. It also showed the more you travel, the more open-minded you become.” 

After the report found that a huge percentage of people thought we were moving in the wrong direction — and when they did the report again, even more people were worried that this was the case — they decided to start looking for solutions.

“In the same report, 61% of people said they believe it’s the people of the world that could unite us,” the company explains. “So, we thought how can we use this insight? We discussed how we could bring the whole world together… we thought, how can we get a lot of people in one room that represent the world and make a statement?” 

Truly Connected

How can you make such a big statement? And how can people show their commitment to change? The answer came in the form of tattoos.

Tattoos show permanence — they show each individual’s commitment to unity, to change. But this project used tattoos in incredible ways, demonstrating real connectedness both symbolically and literally.

When they called out for participants, the response was overwhelming.

“We had about 6500 people who wanted to participate,” the company explains. “They wrote their reasoning for wanting to be a part of it and wanting to bring the world closer together. From there, we chose 61 participants from all over the world representing about 70% of the world population. We wanted to present as much of the world as possible.” 

The final video of “The World Piece” is a stunning work. A single line connects each and every participant — unique, separate, but together. Tattoo artist Mo Ganji worked on every participant and they were brought together and filmed in London, England, directed by Joshua Neale.

“In the film, people from around the globe meet to tell their personal story and show their commitment to bringing the world together,” the description explains. “Shoulder to shoulder, they create a visual manifestation of the connections that unite us across borders and cultures — revealing that if we dare to connect, the world can’t fall apart.”

And when they finally brought these people together, the power of the project was evident immediately. Even though their tattoos were done separately, they instantly felt bonded together.

“I think what surprised me the most was how quickly all the participant truly connected and became a kind of family to each other,” Per Christiansen, VP at EMEA Marketing, tells What We Seee. “This happened already within the first day of the filming. The participants were very moved by the project and many of them have expressed that they felt an incredibly strong bond when standing in the circle and afterwards.”

Can tattooing 61 strangers change the world? It’s a start.

You can find more about the project and momondo on their website