A Heartwrenching Reminder That Prince Could Do It All

There was truly nothing this man couldn’t tackle. Prince, best known for “Purple Rain”, was a pop sensation and inspiration — teaching generations of listeners to live authentically and shaping music in unquantifiable ways. But more than the outfits, the legacy, the outrageousness, this man could play. 

In this video of Prince playing the smooth blues, you’re treated to over seven minutes of sheer playing power. Prince was a true musician and the guitar skill shown in this video are simply unparalleled.

Whether you’re a musician yourself or just a huge fan of the man and his music, it’s such a treat to see him showing off his skills in live performances like this one. You can see the whole performance here:

One of the reasons Prince is such a powerful guitarist is his true love and reverence for the instrument.

“I’m spiritual by nature, and I appreciate the time it took someone to make an instrument,” he told Guitar Player. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a guitar or a synthesizer, someone still had to take the time to make it. You have to respect your spiritual base. You have to respect the instrument.”

That is the foundation of a master.