Pip Millett Stuns In This COLORS Show

Some songs are so uniquely moving, so emotionally astute, that they can stand alone — the way that Pip Millett delivers “Make Me Cry” is one of those performances. This COLORS show, simple and candid, is deeply affecting in its directness.

Perhaps because the song comes from such a deeply emotional place, it doesn’t need the bells and whistles — it doesn’t need the histrionics. The lyrics speak for themselves.

“We all have times of depression and anxiety, and for me I think ‘Make Me Cry’ was a build up of quite a lot of emotion that I’d held in for years,” Pip tells Complex. “I never really expressed the depth of my sadness to those who I was closest to. I’ve always been someone who kept my cards close to my chest, which led me to dismiss my own feelings and keep up the front that I was fine.”

You can see the whole performance here:

COLORS shows have made a name for themselves by letting the artist shine — and this is no different. You can feel an emotionally tentative artist unfurling, awakening, and sharing. Though already an accomplished songwriter, Pip Millett brings so much to the table when she decides to bare her soul. And we all reap the rewards.