So many images of this period are hard to palette — but, especially in a time of increasing nationalism and prejudice, it’s important to look at them and remember. Here you can see Ukrainian volunteers of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS march through the streets of Axis-occupied Lviv. They are watched by German soldiers and military officers, who you can see supervising the happenings from the background. Almost 82,000 Ukrainian men from the District of Galicia enlisted for service — although for certain groups it was mandatory. But many Ukrainian nationalists joined voluntarily, thinking it would help lead to an independent Ukraine. Around the country, around 250,000 Ukrainians would enlist for duty or join the SS.

The SS

Lviv, District of Galicia (an administrative unit of the German General Government from 1941 to 1944; prior to the war, part of Lwów Voivodeship in Poland), Ukraine, Soviet Union.

April 1943.

Credit: Anti-Worlds