Talk about a perfect match. In this enthralling performance by Shoshana Bean And Cynthia Erivo, their two voices work together perfectly. Performing live at the Apollo Theatre, the two songstresses launch into the irreverent, fun, and moving “I Did Something Bad” — a song that shows the range of both of their huge talents. Demonstrating stunning control and synchronicity in their voices, this song is the ultimate duet. You’ll be taken away with every riff, every harmony, and every raised eyebrow.

And who would have thought these two greats would be drawn together by a Taylor Swift song? “It’s not often that I moved to do a cover,” Shoshana Bean wrote. “I have to be pretty crazy about the song. This one was love at first listen and has STAYED on repeat. And who better to make music with than this brilliant friend of mine? In the 4 years we’ve known each other this marks the FIRST time we’ve actually sung together.” 

You can see the whole performance here:

It’s great to see these two iconic singers not only making a Taylor Swift song their own, but just having so much fun with it. Their not just talents, they’re great friends — which makes this a true collaboration.