Despite the housing crisis in California, up until recently laws in the state prohibited backyard homes — but now all of that has changed. New and creative housing solutions are popping up — and prefab homes have gotten a major makeover. One company is putting innovative technology in place to provide bespoke housing options that fit every space and budget.

“In 2017, California lawmakers forced cities to relax their regulations on backyard units; Alexis Rivas and Jemuel Joseph were ready with their prefab ADU (accessory dwelling unit) startup and an online tool that allows LA residents to check out just what code would allow them to build in their yards,” the video explains. “Confident that the housing industry has yet to be revolutionized by tech, Rivas and Joseph have taken their combined experience in prefab and computational design to start Cover. The company produces CNC-cut panels that click together like LEGOs to become tiny, and small, cottages. The company is also trying to democratize design using algorithmic software to create $250 plans (ranging from a one-room studio to a 2-bedroom home).”

In action, it’s pretty astounding. You can see the whole video here:

Prefab homes have come a long way — and these forward-thinking companies could be one step toward fighting the housing crisis. It’s time to get more creative and tech will have a huge role to play, if we use it wisely.