For the enormity of what they’re about to do, these U.S. Marine Raiders of the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion look surprisingly casual. You can see the Marine Raiders as they exercise on the deck of USS Nautilus (SS-168). The Marines are pictured en route from Hawaii to Makin Island to begin the raid on Japanese military forces in the Pacific. It was a huge undertaking, aimed at destroying Japanese installations, taking prisoners, and gaining intelligence on the Gilbert Islands area. But, at the moment, the men are exercising, preparing, and presumably, contemplating the mission ahead of them. After the full Battle of Makin the following year, the U.S. successfully captured the island.

Marine Raiders

Between Hawaii and Makin Island (now, Butaritari island/atoll), Gilbert Islands (now part of the Republic of Kiribati).

11 August 1942.

Credit: Anti-Worlds