Imagine having your family broken down into groups — and being forced to choose. In this powerful documentary short, the BBC looks at the plight of many Yazidi women who are forced to make an impossible choice.

“It is estimated that 80% of the Yazidi women rescued from the dying days of the so-called Islamic State have had children with their jihadi captors,” the video explains. “They were kidnapped from the Yazidi community five years ago, but are not allowed to return until they abandon their children born during IS-captivity. Over the last year, BBC Persian correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard has been following the story of one of these Yazidi women, forced to choose between her child and her community.”

Looking at women who have been put in this unthinkable situation, speaking to orphanages that have seen an influx of children, and families who have been torn apart, this is a must-see. You can watch the whole video here:

For so many women, the thought of having to give up your child would be unimaginable — and it can stay that way for them, because they’ll never be put in that position.  But for these women, it’s a reality. Unspeakable pressure, impossible decisions, and, ultimately, children left without parents. We need to do more to understand and support those who were held by the Islamic State — and recognize how their lives continue to be affected by their time in captivity.