If you want to learn from a film great, there are few greater than Alfred Hitchcock. The king of suspense has shaped an entire genre of film and had such a profound influence — one that’s difficult to put into words. But in this particular video, you not only get an illuminating look into one of the great minds of cinema, but you also get a very candid glimpse into his relationship with his actors. Hitchcock was known for being brutal with his actors and, in this case, makes many allusions to performers being akin to cattle. In fact, one actress even brought live cattle to the set as a joking response to Hitchcock’s attitude.

Speaking about manipulating raw footage, working with actors he didn’t get along with, and some of his most shocking shots, you can see the whole interview with Dick Cavett here:

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the biggest film icons — and it’s fascinating to hear about mistakes he felt that he’d made, managing the emotions of audience members, and just getting an insight into how his mind worked. His awareness of the audience’s state of mind was key to his huge success and has influenced generations of filmmakers who have learned to take the audience on a journey, thanks to Hitchcock’s work.