Imagine being in unbearable pain or feeling totally incapacitated — and being told it’s all in your head. In this bold video from Broadly, they look at one woman who, like many women with chronic illness, was dismissed as being difficult or exaggerating. Being misdiagnosed is a huge — and all too common — problem. Women are often told that they’re just anxious or being overdramatic — or have every possible ailment written off as vaguely related to their menstrual cycle. Devri Velázquez’s faced this incompetence and prejudice from doctor after doctor.

“For months, Devri Velázquez’s doctors couldn’t figure out why she was feeling sick, so they told her she was imagining her symptoms and being too demanding or a diva,” the video explains. “Devri is one of many women who struggle with gender bias when it comes to their medical treatment and diagnosis. The Brooklyn-based content creator was eventually diagnosed with Takayasu arteritis, a rare autoimmune disease that can be fatal. This is her story.”

You can see the whole video here:

Too many women spend months and years not only suffering physically, but suffering the indignity of being treated like they are hypochondriacs or melodramatic. The amount of damage done to their health — both mental and physical — because they have been ignored or misdiagnosed is totally unquantifiable. It’s about time that we’re fighting back.