Talk about cutting edge. As space becomes more and more hard to come by, it’s about time that technology has found a way to help tackle this issue. Bumblebee Spaces is doing something incredible — and I’m talking about a lot more than a folding desk. One man took his vast experience and put it into creating something truly incredible.

“Having worked on the Tesla Model Y and the Apple Watch, when Sankarshan Murthy wanted to add more space to his families’ small Silicon Valley home, he chose to make the furniture transformable on command,” the video explains. “Today, his startup Bumblebee Spaces sells a robotic ceiling system that can hide any furniture — beds, closets, bureaus — in the ceiling and deploy it with a simple voice command. The system is not just a space saver, but a ‘Marie Kondo in the ceiling’, according to Murthy. It inventories all your possessions so you can easily find, sort or cull unused items. We visited the company’s first beta prototype in San Francisco’s South Park neighborhood. Here they installed a ceiling system to allow a one-bedroom home inside a co-living space to morph between bedroom, living room and closet with a click or a command.”

To see this extraordinary furniture in action, check out the whole video here:

Bumblebee Spaces is doing something amazing and unique — making life simpler, slicker, and more efficient. It’s a glimpse of the future.