If you think that modern music videos have lost the gift of artistry, then look no further than “Miss Shiney” from Kaiit. Kaiit is already a formidable songwriter, with a unique style and a gift for fashion that seems to seep out of her very pores. And while the song itself features the wit, depth, and insight that her fans have come to expect from her as a writer and a performer, the whole video is a work of art. Bright, hazy, engaging — and at times surreal — this video is the perfect vehicle for a song this catchy and powerful.

If you haven’t yet discovered all that Kaiit has to offer, this is a great place to start. You can check out the whole video for “Miss Shiney” here:

Kaiit is an exciting new artist whose voice and style have already made her a breakthrough musician over the past few years — but videos like this show that she’s thinking bigger. She has the whole package and is ready to deliver. If “Natural Woman” was the song that put her on everyone’s radar, then this video is what will establish her as an assured musical powerhouse — it’s clear that she’s not going anywhere.