Billie Marten is an ethereal masterpiece of a musician. The singer and songwriter has made waves for her sweet, lyrical music that has a nostalgic depth despite its simplicity. Though still a very young artist — she’s been called a folk prodigy by some critics — she’s growing more and more assured all the time. “I’ve felt more independent musically and that I’ve grown more confidence to be a musician in my own right, something I always felt guilty of before,” she told Clash. “I’ve properly trusted in my body this time around so the instinctual force has been strong.”

Even for an individual artist, “Peach” is a truly unique work — the 17-minute video lets you sample a range of Marten’s music, all set to gorgeous, saturated imagery that beckons in summer and harkens back to a simpler time. To get a sense of this bold but unassuming young talent, you can see the whole video here:

As an artist, Billie Marten sees the value in the big themes and the smaller ones. “That’s quite nice for me because the songs don’t pretend to be something they’re not, they’re just sweet and small and important,” she says. And she certainly has us listening.