For such a young and a relatively new artist, Joy Crookes just keeps the hits coming. While some of her work pulls from her Bangladeshi heritage and her connection with the women of her family’s past, “London Mine” vibrates with who she is right now. A love song to a city, the video is as stirring and candid as the lyrics — featuring the people who make London what it is.

Crookes writes with the easy authenticity of someone who finds songwriting not just a joy, but a catharsis. “I always feel somewhat relieved when I write a song, even when I know it isn’t my best,” Crookes told Vibes Of Silence. “I feel pretty special when a song answers a question for me about a situation – it’s like they give me a perspective sometimes but they’re always the rare songs.”

To get a taste of this artist and why she’s making such a stir, you can check out the whole video below:

“London Mine” has all of the makings of a summer hit — a huge talent with a hypnotic voice, an easy Sunday feel, and, of course, a whole lot of passion. Expect to be hearing this song more and more in the coming months.